Patagonia River Crampon- FINAL SALE ITEM

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The Patagonia River Crampons feature aluminium traction bars attached to an adaptable aluminum frame you'll find yourself struggling to find a better solution for active wading.

The secret behind the effectiveness of these is the widely spaced aluminium-bar threads, which are hard enough to cut through algae and slime, yet soft enough to grip the rock itself. These hard-biting aluminium bars perform outstandingly well in almost all challenging wading conditions.

The frame is fully adjustable without any tools and is securely held in place with an easy slip-on slip-off harness system for quick and easy setup.

They feature a simple, easily cleaned design and are made out of durable materials that won't corrode in either fresh or salt water

Hard-biting aluminium bars
Adjustable length
Durable corrosion-free materials