Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Multi Tip

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Versatile Short Head Design With Tips -Extremely short and powerful taper for casting heavy sink tips -Fast loading front taper designed for maximum flight time -Lower grain weights design for switch rods and shorter two hand rods -Upper grain weights designed for two hand rods -Braided multifilament core Shooting Line, Tip Wallet, and Four Tips Included: 10’ tip- 280 gr - 400 gr 12’ tip- 440 gr - 560 gr 15’ tip- 600 gr - 800 gr AST-formulated floating tip Type I clear tip (1.5-2 ips) Type III Wet Tip™ (3-5 ips) Type VI Wet Tip™ (6-8 ips) Water Type: Freshwater Loop: Front and Rear Sink Rate: Sink Rate I, Sink Rate III, Sink Rate VI Tensile: 20 lbs, 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 35 lbs Featured Technologies: AST, SAID, Xtra-Strength Primary Use: Salmon, Steelhead, Trout Line Types: Shooting Taper Profiles: WF