Scientific Anglers (UST) Ultimate Scandi Taper

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The UST (Ultimate Scandi Taper) Shooting Heads are developped and designed for the underhand or Scandi Style of Speycasting. They are the first shooting heads with a textured taper! The advanced taper and densities help to load the rod more efficient and present the fly at the correct depth and speed.

  • available in 12 different densities in sinking, double and triple density
  • easy lifting of the line from the water
  • improved handling while fishing (mending, speed of the fly, control of depth...)
  • minimal effort to load the rod due to optimized densities within the shooting heads
  • the distribution of the densities helps to create tighter loops and higher linespeed 
  • the lines come with two connecting loops for the leader and the running line
DD: Double Density
The shooting head consists of two sections with different densities. Ideal for slowing down your fly - both in strong current or deep at the bottom.
TTD: True Triple Density
The shooting head consists of three sections with different densities. Due to the distribution of these, they are adjusted optimally for the particular fishing situation.
SD: Single Density
The shooting head has the same density all over. Designed for the fastes sink-rates in deep pools and fast running waters.