Winston Nimbus Fly Rod

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It’s not too much of a stretch to say that most modern fly rods have the physical properties that allow an angler to cast far. Fast rods abound, but there’s much that can differentiate them. The lesser rods in the fast category offer little to no feel. Others can offer line speed and feel, but lack some of the essential building blocks that result in an optimal overall package. For instance, they might be clunky while attempting an on stream mend, or roll cast. Winston’s latest all graphite release, the NIMBUS can clear all of these performance hurdles with ease.

The rod boasts a fairly amped lower half and has a deceptively low swing weight. As per Winston: the NIMBUS sports a progressive-fast action. My overall impression of the NIMBUS (as well as Winston’s previous two all-graphite offerings), is that it is the leaner and meaner cousin of the well-tempered Boron family of rods. Power, without control, yields unremarkable results, and because of the NIMBUS’s low swing weight, the rod demands that you put a little more muscle into your cast. Control is pretty much integrated in the blank, with virtually no post-cast wobble to speak of. If sharpshooters have their weapons of choice, this would be the corresponding fly rod.