Trout Waters offers three different levels of fly casting clinics throughout the year that cater to both beginners and experienced anglers.


Designed for individuals who have never used a fly rod or are new to fly-fishing. The clinics focus on setting up a fly rod, basic casting (roll cast, back cast, forward cast) and basic knots.


Designed for individuals who are already comfortable with fly casting and wish to increase their casting techniques. The clinics focus on double hauling, distance casting, improving casting.


Designed for individuals who wish to perfect their fly casting skills. The clinics focus on casting for distance and accuracy, fault analysis and practice techniques, on shooting line and double hauling, or salt water casting.


Trout Waters offers different levels of fly fishing clinics where you gain the confidence and skills to master the art of fly fishing. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to improve your skills in entomology or different fly fishing techniques, we can help you achieve those goals with ease.  Our fly fishing clinics are comprehensive and cover topics such as entomology, casting, lake structure, and stillwater techniques including chironomid fishing. Other components are: tackle, knots, flies (wet and dry, streamers and nymphs), stream fishing, line mending, and hook setting.  Our approach ensures you acquire the knowledge to become proficient at fly fishing to supplement your previous skills so you can enjoy rewarding fly fishing experiences.




Trout Water offers different levels of fly tying clinics from January through to April. Each clinic accommodates a limited number of participants, so booking ahead is essential. The clinics focus on fly tying concepts and mastering a variety of fly patterns through a step-by-step process. Once you understand the fly tying techniques, you will see that, all in all, any pattern can be created.Our approach ensures you acquire the knowledge to tie your own flies or to supplement your previous fly tying skills. So, we schedule the clinics by level.


Trout Water is pleased to offer full-days guided fly-fishing trips to lakes and rivers, tailored to the experience level of the customer and available throughout the entire fishing season.Whether seeking trophy rainbows, a hike-in experience or mountain river, our friendly and professional guides will provide not only a great day of fly-fishing, but also a fun one.


One Person $450+tax

Two People $550+tax

Three People $650+tax

Four or more people - call or email for quote.

Full day guided trips include all fishing equipment, transportation and lunch!